Extension of sandwich factory

Food factory extension projects requiring implementation in a live working environment provide a range of technical and operational challenges. This recent example for Bradgate Bakery (a division of Samworth Brothers) is one that required detailed planning, regular communication and a flexible approach to ensure the project could be completed while sandwich production continued uninterrupted.

The first of over a dozen phases involved alterations to existing car park and yard areas to create the space for the extension and allow traffic, and people movements to be altered and improved. In addition the creation of a very small project site management area was established from where all activities were co-ordinated.

Once space was created the project continued with the construction of an extension to house a new finished product despatch storage and outloading area. Internal room layout changes followed to create some new areas and alter existing ones to meet the requirements of the production teams.

Each of the multiple phases was planned and agreed with the site team to minimise the impact on the site. Installation of temporary food safe screens was required throughout the project and work was done during "out of hours”’ periods when required. Daily contact with the client’s management team was made to agree the work taking place in each area, how this would be carried out and who would be involved.

In all, due to the complexity and extent of the works,  the project lasted for many months but was completed within the expected timescale and on budget. There were no significant adverse affects on the customer’s production and delivery requirements.

Project Images