Good manufacturing practice

Food and drink manufacturing clients are inevitably focussed on the ever increasing standards expected for manufacturing for their customers and end consumers. The focus on producing the right product at the right time to the correct standard inevitably requires their full attention.

Clegg Food Projects is continuously involved in delivering improvements to processes and facilities across the industry and therefore maintains a detailed knowledge of good practice, new technology and increasing hygiene standards. While maintaining confidentiality for client’s product and process innovations, Clegg Food Projects is also able to share and advise on current best practice.

This has lead some customers to enlist support from Clegg in the development of company standards documents which are used to ensure common, good practice approaches. These range from the physical construction of food production premises, through to setting environmental control standards such as temperature and air filtration to hygiene systems and procedures.

Working closely with technical and manufacturing teams, Clegg Food Projects is able to produce documentation which has the right level of technical detail while being practical and user friendly. A benchmark reference document can then be adopted, allowing client users to have easy access to real and relevant standards when considering changes or improvements.

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