Product quality improvement

The objective of the project was to provide a comprehensive solution to achieve stringent micro-bacteria criteria in the client’s finished product.  The first stage involved working with the client’s technical team to assess current standards and agree the measures and targets to be used.

A period of sampling under different conditions followed to  look at the impact of changes in manufacturing methods, environmental conditions and working practices on the measured criteria.

Once the data was collated and interpreted, a plan to make changes was developed and prepared, and the solution was then implemented.

This involved the design and installation of a new material handling system, waste and hygiene management systems, and the refurbishment, extension and reconfiguration of existing process areas. A new air management system was designed and installed to give state-of-the-art control over the process environment.

The client’s production was maintained throughout the implementation of the project and the outcome was a further stage in the continuous improvement of product quality.

Project Images