Transferable Skills

After working with a consultant practice on a number of food and drink industry projects, Clegg Food Projects were approached to meet a potential new customer from the prestige motor industry retail sector.

Following meetings and interviews, when Clegg Food Projects described experiences in the delivery of high quality, aesthetically excellent facilities to food an drink processors, an appointment was secured to deliver a Car Service Centre in West London.

Whilst apparently very different to food manufacturing, many of the requirements of the project were common to this expected in the food an drink sector.  Clean and visually attractive finishes were required, allied to the requirements of a process operation that would take place in the completed facility.

Another requirement that benefited from Clegg's experience was the completion of the project on a very constrained site directly adjacent to the existing service, a retail operation that continued in operation throughout.

A second subsequent project to deliver a brand new Car Retail and Maintenance facility quickly followed for another prestige brand in Reading.  Again experience gained from many projects requiring high quality visual and technical standards for our clients visiting customers was utilised in the delivery of the finished site.


Project Images