Clegg Food Projects busy year continues

17 Aug 2017

Clegg Food Projects has completed a number of projects during the summer across a range of food and drink sectors with new projects closely following.

Projects that commenced in late 2016 and early 2017 are being completed and handed over during the summer months.  The diverse range of food manufacturing sites where Clegg have been delivering capital projects have included brewing, soft drinks, chocolate manufacture, chilled sandwiches and bacon.

These will be closely followed by new food and drink projects in fresh vegtable processing, bakery, confectionary and poultry.  The majority of work continues to be undertaken on existing manufacturing sites as the food industry continues to seek efficiency and quality improvements whilst utilising their current facilities.

Many of the customers that Clegg Food Projects are working for, are existing ones with whom a long relationship exists, in addition new clients are also being secured as Clegg Food Projects seek to grow their customer base.