Clegg Food Projects Secures new Business for 2017 and 2018

17 Oct 2017

Clegg Food Projects have been successful in securing some major new projects that will commence in late 2017 and continue into the following year.

New Food and drink industry design and construction project opportunities have continued at a high level through the year and Clegg have been selected for four new major capital projects.

Two of the new projects are in the bakery sector, one in high care desserts and one in dairy.

Projects range from a refurbishment and fit out of an existing building at a client's site to create new production facilities, through major extensions on existing sites, to a complete manufacturing unit at a new location.

Two of the four projects are for new customers and the work has been secured after a combination of competitive selection and following Clegg's work in supporting the customers with concept plans, budgets and programming.