Clegg Food Projects presents at Campden BRI

16 Sep 2016

In September, Clegg Food Projects' Business Development Director John Moxon presented at Campden BRI 'Food Factory of the Future' seminar, covering efficient factory design, layout and construction.

With the worlds population estimated to reach nine billion by 2050, food production will need to be doubled in the next three decades and factory equipment and design will need to be up to scratch to meet the growing demand.

As part of his presentation John led delegates through the process of making factory updates, pointing out that the first port of call is determining the objective for investment and reviewing existing facilities.  It is also acknowledged giving consideration to options for refurbishment, extension or a new site and working with an experienced partner, such as Clegg Food Projects and drawing on their experience. 

The presentation highlighted the importance of taking time to plan the project and of spending as a short a time as possible on site, noting that this should be a target.  As well as taking time to reflect on the successes and challenges after project completion.

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