What We Do

We always say that if you are planning a new product, a new line, or looking to streamline your methods, contact us first. By putting our heads together, we can come up with ways of improving the way you do things – saving you time and money.

We work across food and drink industry sectors including: bakery, chilled, frozen, dairy, ambient, drinks, warehousing and offices.

What we do

Like you, we know that the job is not always about building things. We can help assess your current facilities and how to get the best out of them. Or we can assist you with feasibility studies and capital expenditure justification right at the outset.

Not only do we have the technical expertise and the experience to deliver high level projects for major clients, but we know all about the necessary legislation in your sector.

What we do Another great thing about Clegg Food Projects is that we’re flexible. For instance, you may want us to take a look at a brand new factory building which you’re thinking about – or, you may be looking at extending an existing facility in the best way, or seeking advice on the best fit-out solutions.

Whatever you are planning, we can help – whether it’s factory design, food project management, or assistance with process improvement.

By getting involved at the outset, we are able to add inspiration and suggest new ways of making products in the best possible way.

We can easily slot in with your plans, taking up certain aspects of your project – or working as a partner, taking on the full development from pre-drawing board stage, through to completion.

Our services also include consultancy, project management, design, building services co-ordination, process installation, construction and commissioning.