Campden BRI membership renewal 2022

We are delighted to announce the renewal of our Campden BRI membership.

Specialising in food and drink we always aim to provide high-quality processing, warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Our membership renewal with Campden BRI will ensure that we can continue to do so.

An organisation that is devoted to providing practical scientific, technical, regulatory and information support to all its members, Campden BRI is at the front of research and development in the food industry.

As a member of Campden BRI, we have received expert advice about how to stay relevant in the industry. Our membership has also kept us up to date with standards, innovations and trends over the years.

Through Campden BRI we have access to experts in the food and drink sector, as well as comprehensive industry research and discounted services and training. We participate in member interest groups (MIGS) through Campden BRI where we can network and share industry information and knowledge.

Lead by an expert team of leading industry researchers Campden BRI is dedicated to innovation and food technology. Something we pass on to our clients, ensuring we deliver food and drink projects to the highest standard.

For more information about Clegg Food Projects and the projects we work on, get in touch with our team.


Campden BRI membership logo