Keeping up to date with Campden BRI

The food and drink industry is very fortunate to have a number of organisations working to improve the sector.

One such organisation is Campden BRI. As one of the world’s largest independent, membership-based food research and technology organisation, it is at the cutting edge for the latest in R&D in food technology innovation.

Why is Clegg Food Projects a member?

Clegg Food Projects has been a member for more than ten years. Our membership has helped us keep up to date with the trends, innovations and standards for food and drink production. This knowledge ultimately ensures that our team can deliver first class high-care facilities, which are both food safe and fully compliant.

As well as industry updates, we also have access to some of the world leading food and drink experts. We actively take part in member interest groups (MIGS) where we network and share industry information and knowledge.

The exposure to these networks ensures that our food and drink projects are delivered to the highest possible standards. The groups comprise of many food manufacturers from start-ups to blue chips. As construction specialists we often add a different dimension to the network and can support other members with their planned projects.

Moving forwards out of lockdown

As we come out of lockdown, food safety and hygiene has never been more important. Supporting Campden BRI enables the organisation to further drive the food and drink sector, improving food standards and ensuring consumers safety.

For more information or to find out how we can help you then please get in touch with our team.


Campden BRI member