Dairy Project Experience

From ice cream, milk bottling and processing, yogurt production and cheese factories to vegan alternatives, Clegg Food Projects has an impressive track record for delivering projects in the dairy sector and is the industry leader in dairy factory construction.

Our experience

The dairy industry is the largest agricultural sector in the UK. It is at the forefront of FMCG and plays a crucial role in the food manufacturing sector. The industry is constantly innovating new products and ranges, from vegan options to alternative proteins. As a result, the number of products is vast and so too are the project requirements.

When it comes to providing project support for the food and drink industry, Clegg Food Projects is the market leader for constructing dairy facilities. We begin all our projects by understanding the client’s project goal. When designing and constructing a facility, each detail needs to be carefully considered. We are industry leaders in dairy factory construction working for leading brands such as Müller.

The dairy industry relies on complex processing equipment from spray dryers, blending, cleaning-in-place, extrusion, freezing, to automated filling lines and high-speed packaging. We therefore work with OEMs and client teams to ensure the facilities are hygienically designed and constructed with an ‘inside out’ approach. This ensures the building is efficient, effective, and fit for purpose.

Dairy Factory Construction

We also consider the building fabric and layout, to make sure it is considerate of the production and packaging requirements. From modifying or extending, we can help the building meet current demands while also accommodating for future alterations.

Our Projects

To read more about some of our dairy projects, please click on the below case study link:

NÖM Dairy – A yoghurt production facility for NÖM Dairy


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Working with the UK dairy sector

The sector is incredibly innovative, and we are fortunate enough to work with a number of household brands and suppliers. We offer a comprehensive approach that is tailored to each client’s specific needs for each dairy factory construction.

Constructing dairy facilities since the 1980s
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