Milling and Ingredients Project Experience

From flour mills and cereals factories to animal feed and specialist ingredients, Clegg Food Projects has an impressive track record delivering construction projects in the cereals, milling and ingredients sector.

Our experience

The cereals, milling and ingredients industry has a wide reach and is a key supplier for raw materials for baked goods, pasta, pizzas, and beer, to yeast, sugars, animal feed and breakfast cereals. Flour milling alone contributes £1.25bn and breakfast cereals more than £1.3bn to the UK economy each year and plays a crucial role in the food manufacturing sector and supply chain.

The industry is constantly innovating new products from gluten free, whole grain and alternative proteins such as soya and pea. As a result, the number of products is vast and so too are the project requirements.

When it comes to providing project support for the food and drink industry, Clegg Food Projects has the required experience for constructing mills and specialist ingredients manufacturing facilities. We begin all our projects by understanding the client’s project goal. When designing and constructing a facility, each detail needs to be carefully considered.

The cereal, milling and ingredients industry relies on complex processing equipment from raw material intake, cleaning and grinding to drying, steeping, roasting, extruding, weighing, mixing, bagging, and distribution to name a few. Many factory upgrades and much of our portfolio involves working on ‘live’ production sites, ageing and listed buildings. Ensuring production is maintained throughout the construction process. We are experts in flour mill construction & general milling construction.

Milling & Ingredients Construction

We work with OEMs and client teams to ensure the facilities are hygienically designed and constructed with an ‘inside out’ approach. This ensures the building is efficient, effective, and fit for purpose. With a focus on layout, building fabric and mechanical and electrical services, we make sure to consider production and packaging requirements. From new builds to modifying or extending, we can help the building meet current demands while also accommodating for future alterations.

Largest UK flour mill completed for GR Wright

See our time-lapse video our build and for more details read our full project details by Clicking here.


Clegg Food Projects, is a subsidiary of Clegg Group Ltd.

Working with the UK milling and ingredients sector

The UK milling and ingredients is incredibly important, and we are fortunate enough to work with a number of leading manufacturers and suppliers. We offer a comprehensive approach that is tailored to each client’s specific needs.


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