Convenience Foods Project Experience

From sandwiches, ready meals - ambient, fresh, and frozen - to online meal kits, Clegg Food Projects has an impressive track record for delivering construction projects in the convenience foods sector.

Our experience

The UK convenience foods sector has seen massive growth over recent years, impacting the way we eat at home and work. The UK has been at the forefront of driving new products, including ‘ready to eat’ and ‘ready to cook’ options, to meet the ever-evolving consumer and supermarket demands.

The industry is constantly innovating new products and ranges, from ‘on the go’, home delivery, plant-based options, gourmet meals to sustainable packaging considerations. As a result, the number of products is vast and so too are the project requirements.

When it comes to providing project support for the food and drink industry, Clegg Food Projects is the market leader for constructing convenience food facilities. We begin all our projects by understanding the client’s project goal. When designing and constructing a facility, each detail needs to be carefully considered.

We have built sandwich facilities, ready meal factories and distribution centres for online food companies. Each project is unique and often needs a bespoke solution. The building requirements must suit accordingly.

Many of the facilities rely on manual labour and others complex processing equipment. This includes cooking vessels, canning, retorts, mash lines, blending, cleaning-in-place, spiral freezing, to automated filling lines, and high-speed packaging. We therefore work with a range of OEMs and client teams to ensure the facilities are people and product safe, hygienically designed and constructed with an ‘inside out’ approach. This guarantees that the building is efficient, effective, and fit for purpose.

Convenience Foods Factory Construction

We also consider the building fabric and layout, to make sure it is considerate of the production and packaging requirements. From new builds to modifying and extending, we can help the building meet current demands while also accommodating for future alterations.

Our Projects

To read more about some of our convenience foods projects, please click on the below case study links:

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Co-op – Internal fit-out of its new distribution warehouse


Clegg Food Projects, is a subsidiary of Clegg Group Ltd.

Working with the UK convenience sector

The convenience sector is incredibly innovative, and we are fortunate enough to work with several household brands and suppliers. We offer a comprehensive approach that is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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