Car Showroom Construction Project Experience

From newbuild showrooms and servicing centres to extensions and refurbishments of existing facilities, we have an impressive track record delivering car showroom projects.

Our experience

We are best known for our food and drink construction expertise but many of these skills are transferable for high-end car showrooms and servicing centres.

Motor vehicles are a key part our lives, and often a substantial investment, so we understand the importance of car showrooms. They need to not only look great and operate effectively for great customer service but also function for the dealership and servicing centre needs.

Integrated design is therefore key when considering building requirements. We begin all our projects by understanding the client’s project goal. So, when designing and constructing a new facility each detail needs to be carefully considered.

Each project is unique and often needs a bespoke solution. The building needs to accommodate the key requirements such as the number of cars and storage, lighting, segregation of customers, retail staff and servicing centres. Furthermore, the integration with specialist equipment such as paint and body shops, lifting systems, security systems, building performance and frontages with insulated building fabric is key.

Car Showroom Construction Company

We therefore work with a range of client teams to ensure that facilities are aesthetically pleasing, people and product safe, energy efficient and constructed with an ‘inside out’ approach. This ensures the building is sustainable, efficient, and fit for purpose.

From newbuilds to modifying or extending, we can help the building meet current demands while also accommodating for future alterations.

Clegg Food Projects, is a subsidiary of Clegg Group Ltd.

Working with the Car Showroom Sector

Car showroom construction is a specialist area, and we are proud of our track record working with leading dealerships. We offer a comprehensive approach that is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Constructing car showrooms all over the UK
Many greenfield projects, extensions, and refurbs
Trusted partner with high end dealerships