Breaking ground at innovative GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt®

Construction has started on site at Markham Vale, near Chesterfield, for GRIDSERVE – a tech-enabled sustainable energy business that develops, delivers, and operates world-class electric vehicle charging networks.

Clegg Group has been appointed as the principal contractor to deliver the state-of-the-art Electric Forecourt®, including the building construction and external works. The project, which is due to be completed this winter, is set to be one of the most advanced EV charging facilities in the UK. The Electric Forecourt® will offer 30 charging bays with High Power chargers that can deliver up to 360kW, adding 100 miles of range in less than 5 minutes.

Following our appointment earlier this year, the team has been working closely with GRIDSERVE to carry out enabling works such as organising access roads, site preparation and strip, highway works, and more in readiness for construction.

The next phase will see the cutting-edge Electric Forecourt® and food and retail outlet take shape. The lounge area will offer customers a comfortable place to relax while charging their car and is set to include convenience retail, a children’s play area, and a dedicated EV educational space to increase understanding and awareness around electric vehicles. It will include disabled parking, access ramps, accessible washrooms, and lifts to all areas.

This phase of construction will also incorporate all external works including the circulation road, charging and parking bays, and building bases and hardstanding to receive charging equipment, transformers, and batteries as well as landscaping.

Oliver Jenkins, business development manager at Clegg, said: “We’re really excited to get construction works underway for this futuristic project. Not only do GRIDSERVE’s many EV service stations help facilitate the move to zero carbon vehicles, but the Electric Forecourt® design is incredibly stylish and modern, incorporating the latest technology and services within the building itself.

“The project has innovation and convenience at its heart, and I look forward to seeing it progress.”

GRIDSERVE delivers net zero transport through its pioneering and multi-award-winning Sun-to-Wheel platform: developing, delivering, and operating world-class customer-focused electric vehicle charging networks powered by renewable energy and batteries. The company aims to support not only its networks but the EV transition by driving the uptake and success of electric vehicles with GRIDSERVE Car Leasing.

Rebecca Trebble, Chief Customer Experience Officer, said: “We are happy to keep the momentum going with our award-winning Electric Forecourts® following the success opening of London Gatwick Electric Forecourt®. Our Electric Forecourt® sites serve as an excellent hub for the local community and can help with the uptake of electric vehicles. Electric Forecourts® offer the best charging and retail experience available and we can’t wait to welcome new and returning customers to the Markham Vale Electric Forecourt®.”

GRIDSERVE’s Electric Highway now has over 180 locations with more than 1,300 charging bays, with 11 new locations with 90 charging bays opened in the first three months of 2024.

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