Expert advice for constructing or expanding drinks and beverage processing plant facilities

As the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector by turnover – valued at more than £104 billion – the nation’s food and drink industry is constantly adapting to changing innovations and trends.

At the centre of this evolving success is the need for outstanding specialist manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centres of the highest quality and safety levels.

As a market-leading construction company that works with some of the biggest names in the business, Clegg Food Projects brings more than 40 years of expertise to a huge range of ventures.

Business development manager Oliver Jenkins outlines how the UK’s hugely successful drinks sector relies on the company’s dedication to detail…

What type of drinks manufacturers does Clegg Food Projects work with?

Drinks companies need facilities that are innovative, people and product-safe and can adapt to the industry’s fast-moving changes and emerging trends that result in the launch of new products and lines.

Whether that process requires a new 20,000 sq ft premises, a speedy extension or an adaptation of their current facilities, we ensure each building is efficient and effective.

As beverage facility construction experts, Clegg Food Projects has been proud to collaborate with a range of top clients, including Coca-Cola, Alpro, AG Barr, Muller, Princes, Molson Coors, Camden Town, the Heineken-owned Beavertown Brewery, and many more.

We recently completed the construction of a new, ultra-modern head office, production, and distribution centre in Rugby in a multi-million-pound investment by Alcohols Limited, one of the UK’s last independent gin distillers.

What facilities do drinks and beverage processing sites require?

All sites have different requirements – but there are many underlying similarities. Drink and beverage clients need to have peace of mind that their premises are clean, safe, well-ventilated and fire-rated, with a carefully thought-out flow of processes to ensure the best efficiencies.

These requirements include temperature-controlled environments, smart power and utility considerations, effective drainage and cleaning regimes, industrial ventilation systems and hygienic building fabric finishes and processes.

Fire safety is of paramount importance, from advanced protection for alcohol-producing sites to top-of-the-range fire suppression systems for warehouses and distribution centres.

The use of food-grade CO2, used to meet purity standards in food and drink production, is also a major safety consideration as it can be dangerous in its pure form.

How can you expand a live drinks manufacturing site?

The innovative drinks and beverage sector is constantly anticipating and launching new market trends or upcoming events, such as huge sporting celebrations like the 2024 Euros, where a company might need to increase its volumes.

Launching new products and lines can demand high-volume production techniques – and this is regularly achieved by adapting and expanding existing manufacturing operations.

Many of the drinks sector projects are on existing sites, demanding a highly skilled approach to construction that considers the existing production needs. It can also be expensive and complex, especially considering many brewery sites can date back to the 1800s.

We have worked on a new Coca-Cola production line in a ‘live’ setting, where the team has sectioned off the worksite with semi-permanent walls to protect the factory’s environment.

We also completed a roof replacement project for Suntory Beverage and Food’s Ribena plant in Gloucester, where production was maintained throughout the project.

How does Clegg Food Projects collaborate with drinks manufacturing companies?

We provide project management, consultancy, and technical advice at each step of our projects, ensuring the smooth integration of all elements to meet the necessary timescales.

When award-winning Camden Town Brewery asked us to help relocate its brewery, we modified and upgraded its new site ready for the equipment installation and offered support and technical input as we worked closely with the design team.

We construct and develop drinks and beverage processing plants, warehouse and distribution centres to the highest of our exacting standards. We understand the ‘process’ of food and drink manufacturing and the components involved, from production lines, filling and packaging to automatic storage systems and distribution.

Why should the drinks and beverage sector choose Clegg Food Projects?

As a national designer and constructor of manufacturing and distribution facilities with more than 40 years’ experience, we have the expertise and the solid, trusted base to understand the requirements of this fast-paced industry.

We always aim to incorporate efficiency and low carbon in every step, from building design and construction methods to ensuring continuing operational efficiency.

Through our expertise in extending or modifying existing beverage processing plants, we help to meet these current, and future, needs. The same principles apply to creating new buildings where considerations for the factory layout are key.

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