The golden ticket: constructing a new chocolate factory

Work has begun to convert the former Phillips Avent facility in Glemsford, Suffolk, into a world-class cocoa & chocolate production factory after we have been appointed as the Principal Contractor.

International Malaysian-owned cocoa manufacturer Guan Chong Berhad (GCB) appointed us to part-demolish and construct a new factory to enhance the processing and manufacturing facilities, that will produce cocoa butter, cocoa powder, liquor, and chocolate.

The 17-acre site redevelopment will include new access, car parking, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, and a biomass boiler to supply renewable energy for the production process as well as solar panels and electric car charging points.

Oliver Jenkins, business development manager at Clegg Food Projects, said:

“We are delighted that GCB appointed us to oversee and construct its new factory as it enters into the UK market for the first time.GCB’s vision is to be a market-leading cocoa supplier and the new factory will feature efficient and sustainable processing equipment to help make this a reality.

“It is an exciting time. We have begun work and we cannot wait to see it completed. The new factory will bring jobs to the area and will hopefully just be the beginning for GCB as they grow into the UK market and wider.”

GCB cocoa, which was established in Asia when it began trading cocoa beans in the 1980s, is principally involved in the manufacturing of cocoa-derived food ingredients. With its move into the UK market, the firm has pledged to invest significantly and create jobs for the local area.