Work continues at innovative energy storage factory

Clegg Food Projects has once again used its experience and knowledge of industrial construction projects to diversify from food and drink into another sector – energy storage and clean fuel.

We were appointed by international energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power to complete the fit out of its new 1GW factory in Sheffield at the beginning of the year and work is progressing nicely.

ITM Power designs and builds products called electrolysers, which take renewable energy and water to make green hydrogen gas. The gas can be generated wherever a clean energy source is required for applications. For example, fuel cell electric vehicle refuelling, decarbonising the natural gas grid and reducing emissions for many further industrial sectors. It is a sector that is growing rapidly in the drive to reduce harmful emissions to meet government net zero targets to aid climate change.

Initial works on the facility, which includes an extension to the existing offices as well as the stack manufacturing and production areas, started in January. As part of the project, the team will also be creating a test room for factory acceptance testing of products, coupled with a 5MW power supply on site.

The improvements to the factory, known as Bessemer Park, will enable ITM Power to reach a capacity of 1GW within three years. This will make it the largest electrolyser factory in the world. The site is set for completion within the next 12 months and will be open to visitors shortly after occupation by the staff.

John Moxon, business development director at Clegg Food Projects, said: “This is an exciting project as it will see the team transferring their design and construction skills from food factories to renewable energy sources.

“More and more renewable energy sources will be needed in order to power the hybrid and electric vehicles produced each year and this project will be the world’s largest electrolyser factory.”

Graham Cooley, CEO at ITM Power, added: “This fit out will see ITM Power undertaking state-of-the-art manufacturing and reducing costs and lead times to access the many opportunities arising from the joint venture with Linde. I look forward to welcoming shareholders to the site in to see the factory in operation.”

More information about the project, including visuals, can be found on the ITM’s YouTube channel.  Please visit for more information on ITM Power.

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