Four new projects secured during lockdown

Following the Prime Minister’s ‘build, build, build’ speech it is clear that the construction industry is a key part of the government’s strategy to rebuild the economy post-pandemic. Boris Johnson announced several building programmes and budgets, but the overall message was very much ‘build back better, build back greener and build back faster’.

This is good news for the property and construction industry. It will hopefully signal a busy few months and years to come – so long as ‘build, build, build’ becomes ‘action, action, action’.

We have already seen the government’s reliance on the construction industry to keep the economy going. It was one of the only sectors not to be shut down during lockdown, with many projects continuing on site. All, bar one, of our projects remained active during lockdown and we have even secured four new projects during this time.

Securing projects during lockdown

These new projects span across the country, from London to the Midlands and Yorkshire. This echoes another key part of the Prime Minister’s speech about ‘levelling up’ the regions. By bringing more investment to the North, Midlands, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland the entire country will benefit. This can only be a good thing, particularly as we already work on developments across the country.

The four projects, which are with existing clients and brand-new ones, are due to start this summer and run throughout the year. Ranging in value from £4m to £7m the manufacturing sites will help support the food and drink industry as well as the local areas.

Stay in touch

We are very much looking forward to getting on site. We’ll be able to reveal more information about these exciting projects shortly, so follow us on LinkedIn @Clegg Food Projects and Twitter @CleggFoodP to keep up to date.

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