Greggs Bakery Relocation

Clegg Food Projects worked with the UK’s largest bakery chain to relocate its existing bakery in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne to a new location.

Overview of the Greggs Newcastle bakery relocation

Clegg Food Projects was approached by Greggs to relocate its bakery in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne to a new location a few miles away.

The Clegg Food Projects team was on board from the initial concept right through to a full operational site. The team provided a full design, engineering and construction service for the bakery relocation.

The project required close cooperation and coordination with Greggs’ operations team and wider staff throughout the relocation. This was to ensure a smooth transition and guarantee business as usual for the bakery chain.

Key facts

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Duration: 11 months
Customer: Greggs plc
Integrated with an existing distribution centre

We have developed an excellent working relationship with Clegg Food Projects over the past 10 years; this has meant that each new bakery or extension has incorporated lessons learnt from prior projects and from the latest technologies within the building industry.

"This approach has meant that our latest bakery has been built on time and within budget with environmentally friendly features, including; PV and solar energy systems and heat recovery from a central refrigeration system.

Peter Boughton - Group Production Project Manager at Greggs PLC