Clegg Food Projects and Campden BRI

17 Sep 2017

Clegg Food Projects expand their involvement at Campden BRI as key members of a new project to provide guidelines for retrospective modifications of existing food factories.

As long term members of Campden BRI, Clegg Food Projects have been involved in Member Interest Groups covering Manufacturing Technologies and Chilled and Frozen Foods.  In addition presentations have been made at  number of seminars relating to Food and Drink Industry design and construction.

In early 2017 a new "Member Fund Research" project was commissioned following selection and approval by members of Campden BRI to review the challenges associated with carrying out retrospective modifications to existing production sites.  Clegg were invited to join as key member providing guidance and steering to the Campden team delivering the project.

The project lasts until 2018 and will eventually deliver information for Campden members to use when planning and carrying out factory changes.