Clean room construction specialists

From processing raw materials to every step of the manufacturing process, we have the technical expertise to deliver high-quality clean room operations.

Our clean room construction experience

Clean rooms are a vital component of the manufacturing process across a wide variety of sectors and require expert design and construction. 

Whether we are working with global medical research and development teams, international food manufacturers or electronics producers, our specialists provide fully integrated designs that are bespoke to every client. 

Our experience within the food and drink manufacturing industry means we know the importance of rigorous hygiene standards that meet regulatory requirements.  

Client: Newly Weds Foods 

Food processing and foodservice company Newly Weds Foods appointed Clegg Food Projects to convert an existing warehouse space into a gluten-free bakery processing facility. Our team provided a full design, procurement and construction service, as well as building services installation. We provided fully integrated clean room standard building finishes and coordinated with teams to connect new process equipment. 

Client: CMR Surgical 

Clegg Food’s construction specialists completed a new surgical robotic system facility for global robotics company, CMR Surgical. The 75,000 sq ft factory is a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, which includes clean rooms, assembly areas, advanced engineering, modern office space, a warehouse and dispatch areas. 

Client: Eurofins R&D 

International laboratory testing group Eurofins approached Clegg Food Projects to construct a purpose-built water testing laboratory, including offices and other amenities. Our specialists converted an existing site and coordinated with our specialist supply chain of experienced subcontractors and the client team to agree laboratory standards and clean room specifications. 

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Clean room construction FAQs

What is clean room construction? 

Clean room construction involves the design and build of controlled environments to strict specifications and is key to the manufacturing process in many industries. There are different types of clean rooms, but all of them must control the concentration of airborne particles inside the room so that products can be made free from contamination. Certain elements will contribute towards controlling potential contaminants including the architecture, instruments to measure airflow, electrostatic discharge, pressurization, temperature and humidity. 

Who needs clean room construction? 

Companies manufacturing food and drink, medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceuticals, or technological instruments may all require clean room environments. It’s common for research and development laboratories, biotech companies and microelectronics businesses to require a variety of clean room spaces.