Bakery relocation

Clegg Food Projects provided Greggs plc with a turnkey service, from the initial concept through to a completed, functioning bakery to supply its retail outlets throughout the north west of England.

The local development plan for the area where Greggs’ bakery had operated for many years provided the opportunity for the site to be relocated to free the land for improvements in the local area. The process of agreeing a new location, timing and responding to stringent planning requirements was complex and required extensive support from Clegg Food Projects.

Provision of design information for local authority approval, agreement of capital expenditure budgets and submission of documents were all carried out jointly by Clegg Food Projects and Greggs. The new factory design was required to meet a minimum BREEAM standard of ’very good‘ and the external appearance standards were exacting as the new site was close to residential and leisure areas.

Having completed and achieved approval for the design phase, Clegg Food Projects then delivered the new site on time and supported the relocation of process equipment and staff while ensuring that supply to Greggs’ retail outlets continued uninterrupted. The project delivered both an opportunity for improvements to the local community and a more efficient, improved working environment for Greggs and its employees in the North West.

Project Images