Feasibility study work

Two recent examples involved food manufacturers from different sectors of the industry - ambient bakery products and chilled ready meals. Both clients were considering the options and relevant benefits of re-organising their production facilities.

In both examples, Clegg Food Projects provided a comprehensive service, initially carrying out a detailed information gathering phase looking at all aspects of the current operations. This included collecting capacity data, looking at manufacturing methods and speeds, storage capabilities, staff numbers and movements etc.

Once the existing situations had been assessed, recorded and presented options for re-organising were developed. These ranged from minor re-positioning of processes through to major investments in new facilities or relocation to alternative sites.

The costs and benefits of the options were measured and compared allowing the clients to have a clear understanding of their choices and make informed decisions using good quality, accurate information.

The outcomes of feasibility studies vary. Sometimes the piece of work is completed and clients keep them for future consideration, and on other occasions the decision to proceed is taken. In a number of instances, Clegg Food Projects has then taken the project to the next stages of design and implementation.

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